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Where To Buy Dissolution Accessories

Does your laboratory need a new supply of dissolution accessories in the new year? Our team at Dissolution Accessories are always happy to find you the products you require. has an easy to use interface for ordering this type of product, with all our quality accessories sold for competitive prices online.

Operated by Omicron Research Ltd, Dissolution Accessories is an online portal for the Hellma and Sciencix brands: two of the best manufacturers of optical components and solutions for the dissolution process.

More about Hellma.

Hellma is a leader in the market of optical analysis technology and produce high-quality precision solutions which are renowned for their outstanding performance. They are the favoured partner for many manufacturers and end users all over the world, including in the UK, and you can buy them for highly competitive prices on our website.

Information on the Sciencix brand.

Founded in 1985, Sciencix is a rapidly growing name in the world of laboratory supplies and consumables. Established by Steve Harris, it has gone from strength to strength over the past 30 years.

If you’re wondering where to buy dissolution accessories, why not browse our catalogue today?