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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions is the internet trading division of Omicron Research Ltd.

Article 1 Provision of Service

1.1 Access to is provided subject to these terms and conditions. By using you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, which shall take effect from when you first access If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not access or use

1.2 Omicron reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice. Your continued use and/or access of means that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions as updated or amended.

1.3 Omicron will endeavour to provide the highest levels of service and availability, however, this cannot be guaranteed. Omicron may suspend or restrict access to occasionally to perform maintenance or repairs, but will seek to keep such interruptions to a minimum.

Article 2 Product Details, Pricing and Availability

2.1 Omicron make every effort to ensure the pricing, description and specifications of products displayed on the website are accurate at the time you place your order. If a pricing error is found, we will inform you as soon as possible and offer you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling your order. Omicron reserve the right to substitute products of equivalent or similar specification. All prices, products, descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

2.2 All goods are subject to availability. On receipt of your order, we will contact you to confirm availability. If any products are not in stock, you may cancel your order.

2.3 Images of products are for illustrative purposes only.

Article 3 Use of

3.1 The information, documents and graphics published on this internet site are presented 'as shown' without warranty of any kind (expressed or implied). In no event shall Omicron be liable for any damages including but not limited to, direct, indirect or incidental damages, arising from or in connection with the use or existence of this internet site and the information contained herein.

3.2 Omicron further does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the information at this site. Omicron may make changes to the materials at this site, or to the products and prices described in them, at any time without notice. The materials on this site may be out of date, and Omicron makes no commitment to update the materials on this site.

3.3 The right to use, copy and distribute the information available at is granted without fee to individuals and organisations provided that (1) the information is not modified in any way from its original content (2) the use of the information is limited to personal, informational and non-commercial use only (3) the name of, Omicron, or Omicron Research Limited is not used in any advertising, or publicity pertaining to the information without the prior express written consent of Omicron.

3.4 You are fully responsible for all electronic communications sent from your computer to us.

3.5 You agree to use only for lawful purposes, and in a way that does not infringe the rights of, restrict or inhibit anyone else's use of or access to Prohibited behaviour includes harassing or causing distress or inconvenience to any person, transmitting obscene or offensive content, sending any information to the website that causes it, or access to it, to be interrupted, corrupted or impaired.

Article 4 Use of Your Account

4.1 If you register on the website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account details, including your username and password. You are also responsible for restricting access to your computer to prevent unauthorised access to your account.

4.2 You agree to take full responsibility for all activities that take place under your account. If you have any reason to believe that your account may have been breached you should contact us immediately.

4.3 Omicron reserves the right to refuse, terminate, edit and remove accounts.

Article 5 Contract

5.1 When you complete the online checkout process, you will be sent an email acknowledging receipt of your order. Your order represents an offer to us to purchase a product or products. Omicron only accept this offer when we contact you to confirm acceptance of your order. Please note that Omicron reserve the right to reject any offer.

Article 6 Prices and Quotations

6.1 All offers from stock are made subject to the goods not being sold in the interim.

6.2 Prices of subsequent orders are independent of prices in a previous quotation.

6.3 Prices for all deliveries apply ex warehouse, exclusive of packing, insurance, transport and VAT.

Article 7 Obligation to take delivery of goods

7.1 If the customer refuses to take delivery or neglects to provide information or instructions required for the delivery, the goods will be stored at the customer’s expense and risk. All associated costs are due and payable every 14 days in all cases.

7.2 Without prejudice to its rights to demand that the customer should take delivery of the goods, Omicron is then entitled to invoice for the waiting goods and to claim payment for them.

Article 8 Returned goods

8.1 Omicron will only accept returned goods provided that prior agreement has been given in writing and on condition that the goods are sent back carriage paid.

8.2 The goods will only be replaced if they are received by Omicron in an undamaged condition.

Article 9 Cancellation

9.1 You have the right to cancel your order prior to the goods being shipped and monies taken. Once the goods have been dispatched and monies taken then the right of ownership is transferred to you and we will no longer accept cancellation.

Article 10 Warranty

10.1 Omicron provides a guarantee of 12 months from the date of delivery on instruments and parts supplied. The guarantee applies only for the normal use of the instruments or parts.

10.2 Contrary to the previous paragraph, articles and parts made of glass, Plexiglas, rubber, elastic, plastic or synthetic materials, and also light bulbs, valve semiconductors, thermocouples, liquids and electrodes only carry the guarantee provided by the manufacturer in question.

10.3 Omicron does not assume liability for misuse of its products. No other warranty or representation is implied or expressed by Omicron for its products with respect to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or any other matter. Omicron shall not under any circumstances be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or compensatory damage arising from the use of, or in conjunction with its products. The maximum liability that can be assumed by Omicron for breach of warranty shall be the invoice price of the product.

Article 11 Liability

1.11 Omicron is not liable for direct or indirect loss or damage to persons and/or goods, including loss or damage due to a stoppage of business resulting for instance from the operation of or any defect or shortcoming in any goods supplied or from any work performed by or omission or shortcoming by personnel of Omicron.

Article 12 Complaints

12.1 If goods fail to meet the product specifications as described in the warranty above, or performance when used in the recommended way, then you are entitled to replacement goods or a refund where appropriate. Omicron reserve the right to establish the cause of failure and proper use prior to refunds or returns being agreed. Returns for reasons other than product failure are not accepted unless in exceptional circumstances.

12.2 Omicron will only process complaints if these are submitted to Omicron in writing by registered mail within eight working days of delivery.

13.3 If Omicron finds a complaint to be justified Omicron will arrange for either repair or replacement at its discretion and at its expense. Omicron is not obliged to pay any compensation.

13.4 Any complaints do not result in payment obligations being suspended and do not entitle the customer to cancel any orders made or to refuse delivery of such orders.

Article 14 Force majeure

14.1 If as a result of force majeure Omicron is unable to meet its obligations under an order or contract or is unable to meet them in full or on time, Omicron has the right to declare that order or contract dissolved without the intervention of the courts.

14.2 Force majeure is defined as any circumstances outside the control of Omicron which temporarily or permanently prevents Omicron from fulfilling the order or contract, and any circumstances such that in Omicron’s sole assessment Omicron cannot reasonably be expected to fulfil the order or contract.

14.3 Force majeure specifically includes but is not restricted to lack of plant, basic materials or labour, storm, fire, smoke or water damage, extreme weather conditions, strike, interruption of work or other standstill either in Omicron’s operations or in the operations of its suppliers or auxiliaries.

14.4 In the event that Omicron declares the contract to be dissolved on the grounds of force majeure, the customer has no right to compensation or penalty payments of any kind.

Article 15 Applicable law

15.1 All quotations made by Omicron and all contracts concluded with the customer together with the performance of such contracts shall be governed solely by the law of the United Kingdom.