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Need To Purchase Dissolution Laboratory Apparatus?

Widely used throughout the industry, but of particular relevance to the pharmaceutical sector, dissolution is one of the best ways to prepare and formulate chemical agents of a consistent quality.

The dissolution test has evolved to become a definitive tool used to characterize the performance characteristics of solid oral dosage forms. As dosage forms have changed over the years, the dissolution apparatus has required continuous improvement and modification to provide suitable conditions for performance testing of a wide variety of products.

It’s important to have the highest-quality laboratory apparatus for the procedure of dissolution. It is essential that the apparatus used for testing will produce results which are based on equal parameters and not be affected by the apparatus you’re using.

When looking for dissolution laboratory apparatus, don’t forget to check out Omicron Research Limited, where you’ll find the most competitive prices on a massive range of products.

We have everything needed to produce the best possible results during the dissolution process, including a range of apparatus sets. These include everything needed to carry out tests to the highest standards.

Take for example this Dissolute apparatus for only £1,268.31, This Intrinsic Dissolution Apparatus is an updated version of the original Wood Apparatus for intrinsic dissolution. The design includes a hardened punch, a controlled surface area and an improved die design for more reproducible results. It is designed to meet or exceed current USP specifications as described in USP Physical Test <1087>. The ground and hardened surface plate provides an ideal surface for compressing samples. This intrinsic dissolution apparatus is designed for use with standard USP Apparatus 1 and 2 dissolution testers.

Explore our range of dissolution laboratory apparatus. Or for more information, simply get in touch today.

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