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Need To Buy HPLC Spares Online?

HPLC is used in many different industries, including the manufacturing, legal, research and medical sectors. It provides a powerful tool for analysis, but it’s vital to have the right equipment for quality results.

This is a relatively modern technique with instruments and hardware being developed in the 1970s, when researchers used pumps and injectors to make rudimentary HPLC systems. Prior to the development of HPLC, liquid chromatographic systems techniques were used, but these were inefficient due to the flow rate of solvents being dependent on gravity.

If you’re looking to buy HPLC spares, Omicron Research Limited have a range of accessories available to order online, including piston assemblies, screws, priming valve seals, needle seats, ferrules, tubing and much more.

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With our online catalogue, you can order accessories from top brands like Agilent, Beckham, Dionex, Gilson, Hitachi, Jasco, PerkinElmer, Sciencix, Schmadzu, Thermo Scientific, and Waters HPLC. Our friendly team can always help you find the correct spares for your unique system.

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