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Need To Buy A Dissolution Vessel Online?

Are you looking to buy quality dissolution vessels online?

As a critical part of your apparatus, and playing an important part in the dissolution process, a dissolution vessel can have a big influence on the final results of your tests.

Many studies have found your choice of dissolution vessel has a significant influence on the final outcome. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes with glass vessels considered much more practical than plastic, which can easily become scratched, is harder to clean, and has poor heat transmission in comparison to glass.

Find everything you need to carry out dissolution tests.

At Omicron Research Ltd you can buy a wide range of dissolution accessories, including vessels, rotating cylinders, pumps, basket sinkers, mesh baskets, basket shafts, suppository baskets and much more.

Among our range of dissolutions vessels is the ORL-PSASTM900-UN VESSEL 1L, ULTRA CENTRE, W/O ADAPTER RING. This vessel can be used in most dissolution baths with the use of a simple adaptor ring.

With our quick and convenient catalogue, finding the accessories you need has never been easier.

If you’re looking to buy dissolution accessories online, why not browse our catalogue today?