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Low Cost Dissolution Accessories

Dissolution rates can vary significantly depending on the type of equipment that you use, so it’s crucial you order the correct apparatus before beginning any experiment. If you’re looking to order this kind of product, Omicron Research Limited offer an extensive online catalogue which could be ideal.

More about us.

Omicron Research Limited is a top supplier of low-cost dissolution accessories, covering all the apparatus needed to carry out this process in a lab setting. Based in Hungerford, we look to fulfil all the needs of the dissolution industry.

Our History.

Our website is created and operated by Omicron Research Limited: one of the UK’s leading distributors of chromatography and tablet-testing equipment and systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

Established in 1992, Omicron pride ourselves on providing low-cost but high-quality equipment for the dissolution and HPLC processes. We provide a quick and easy-to-use interface, so you can order products as speedily as possible.

Omicron Research Limited aim to be your one-stop shop for not only dissolution accessories but for the HPLC and UV market.

For a free quotation on our dissolution accessories, simply contact us today.

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