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Looking to Buy a Dissolution Sinker?

Do you need to buy a dissolution sinker from a trusted supplier?

Since floating dosage forms rarely dissolve at a reproducible rate, using a sinker can help speed up the process and also prevent the dosage from sticking to the side of the vessel. It works by providing additional agitation and forming a barrier. Furthermore, a sinker can cover a capsule cell to help retard its dissolution.

With several offered on the market, it is important to choose the correct sinker because it can have a significant impact on the release of the drug from dosage form.

Here at Omicron Research Limited we have a range of dissolution sinkers to buy at competitive prices, including basket sinkers, spiral sinkers and capsule sinkers. Whatever weight you require for dissolution use, we can help you find the correct product which is compatible with your equipment.

Our products include this affordable ORL Spiral Capsule Sinker which is priced at only £21.90. With a range of sinkers at variable prices, you can easily find one which meets your budget.

If you need to buy a dissolution sinker, why not get in touch with our team today?

01488 682700.