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Dissolution Accessories at Highly Competitive Prices

Do you need top quality accessories for the dissolution process?

Many factors affect the rate of dissolution, with the type of equipment you use one of the most important factors. Based in Hungerford, Omicron Research Limited can supply dissolution accessories to laboratories all over the UK.

A quick, convenient online catalogue with an easy-to-use interface.

With a complete line of dissolution media concentrates, standard or concentrate, you can have ready to use media within seconds. Omicron can supply pre-mixed concentrates that significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare your media.

We can meet all your dissolution, UV and HPLC requirements and supply products without delay. Offering a complete line of products that serve the dissolution process, we can help you deliver consistent and reproductive results.

Comprehensive technical support for your business.

With major brands of dissolution accessories on offer, you can order top performing equipment for much less. You can also enjoy advice from top professionals in the industry who pride themselves on exceptional customer care and support.

Why not browse our range of dissolution accessories today?