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An Online Portal for Dissolution Lab Supplies

Want to enjoy exceptional support when buying laboratory supplies?

When buying dissolution lab supplies, you’re confronted with a wide range of options, with dissolutions systems having many different configurations. This can make the procurement process confusing at times and it certainly helps to have expert advice available.

For a company that specialise in this specific process, look no further than Omicron Research Limited for both an extensive range of products and high levels of customer support when buying lab supplies.

Our experts have many years of experience supplying products to the dissolution, UV and HPLC markets.

Helping you find the right accessories as quickly as possible.

Our staff can support you at any point in the procurement process, ensuring you receive lab supplies which are specifically designed for your test conditions.

Whether you’re looking to purchase water baths, test stations, vessels, media or sinkers, our lab supplies are always sold at the most competitive prices. We aim to be your one-stop shop for dissolution, UV and HPLC products, helping you meet the requirements of your lab with greater ease.

Browse our dissolution lab supplies today.