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Dissolution Accessories Offers A Complete Line Of Dissolution Media Concentrates, Standard or Customised

Posted by Cheryl Phelps on

Diluting the concentrate by simply adding purified water will create “ready to use” dissolution media within a few minutes.

Our pre-mixed concentrates significantly reduce the amount of time and cost to prepare dissolution media. The preparation of dissolution media is a time consuming procedure on a daily basis; by using the dissolution media concentrates you will reduce the preparation time by up to 75%, so laboratory analysts/chemists can focus on performing more valued added activities. 

All dissolution media concentrates are available in convenient sizes, which can be used to produce 6L, 10L or 25L dissolution media. This makes it the ideal solution for pharmaceutical research, formulation and quality control laboratories.
The small bottle sizes will reduce storage space requirements and lowers freight charges.

All dissolution media concentrates are produced from raw materials in accordance with USP guidelines. DA dissolution media concentrates are high quality products to deliver consistent and reproducibility results.

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